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With our "Cook With Us" experience, you may take an exploration of cuisine where the kitchen is transformed into a blank canvas and each recipe is a work of art just waiting to be created. As we combine passion and flavors, come explore the art of cooking with us, from sizzling pans to aromatic spices. Our interactive sessions guarantee a fascinating journey of discovery, where every meal tells its own story and every taste is a celebration of shared memories, regardless of your experience level in the kitchen. Together, let's transform ingredients into treasured memories – in our kitchen, there's always space for creativity, humor, and inspiration.

Concrete Wall


Enter the captivating world of Tunnel Bar, where every visit is an adventure into a secret world of tastes and atmosphere. This tavern, tucked away in the center of mystery, is a refuge for people looking to get away from the everyday. The darkly illuminated hallway leads to an unusual area where magic and mixology combine. In the soft glow of warm lights and the murmur of whispering conversations, savor carefully made signature drinks. The Tunnel Bar invites you to immerse yourself in its mesmerizing attraction of its covert charm, offering more than just a space for you to enjoy drinks. Greetings from a sanctuary where each drink takes you one step closer to the remarkable.


Explore the charms of the Tunnel Restaurant, a culinary adventurer's hidden gem. Explore a magical tunnel that opens up to a world full of delectable smells and enticing scents. A distinctive environment for an unforgettable dining experience is created by the ambiance, which combines modern elegance with rustic charm. Our chefs meticulously create each dish, transforming fresh ingredients into mouthwatering pieces of art, drawing inspiration from many culinary traditions across the world. Let yourself be carried away to a world where every meal is a celebration by the peaceful ambiance and ambient lighting while you savor delicious cuisine. Come along on this culinary adventure with us at the Tunnel Restaurant, where amazing food meets enchantment.

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